Forwarding Logistics

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Fulfillment Wherever Your Business Grows.
Forwarding Logistics

Forward Logistics is more than just getting the Products from point A to point B. Our solutions for fulfillment and transportation allow you to expand through any channel, any sector, anywhere. We have the technology, infrastructure, and experience to help you every step of the way to fulfill all orders.

Scope Of Work


    • Receiving.
    • Hard count.
    • Incoming Quality Inspection (Cosmetic Grading).
    • Proceed passed units to QC (Functional Testing).
    • Reporting to Vendor.

    • Clear data on all non-brand new Devices.
    • De-brand devices per Vendor requirement.
    • Brand device if applicable.

    • Pull & pair device with UICC Card.
    • Pre-activate device (hot)/fully activate device per Vendor requirement.
    • Pair handsets, battery, door, and chargers along with additional accessories if applicable.
    • Making phone box label.
    • Transfer to final cosmetic/accessories inspection.

    • Ship Device.
    • Track The Shipment.
    • Report to Vendor.

    • Fold Phone Box. Add inserts/flyers.
    • Fold Shipping Box. Add Shipping Bubble/Peanut.
    • Create Shipping Labels.
    • Transfer to Shipping Dock.

    • Inspect Device Cosmetic.
    • Inspect Back Door.
    • Inspect Charger for correct made/model, capacity, and compatibility.
    • Inspect battery cosmetic and charged level.

Returns Come In All Shapes, Sizes, And Modes

  • Carrier - OEM Devices
  • Receiving
  • Functional testing
  • Data Returning Failed Devices
  • Activation
  • Final Outgoing Customer Order
  • Kitting/ Packing
  • Shipping

Returns Come In All Shapes, Sizes, And Modes.

  • Returns Management

    Return Management

    A solution to reverse logistics is just as critical as fulfilment. Our fulfillment team process returns, handles the setup and provides value-added services to ensure efficient handling of your return items. To optimize the recovery of value the entire return cycle is handled efficiently. Data gathered along the way provides business insights, which can be used to understand the reasons for returns, allowing you to determine areas of focus for continuous improvement. Our solutions support a variety of product types, and we proudly specialize in value-added repairs and refurbishment for handsets.

  • Repaire and Refurbish Services

    Repair and Refurbish Services

    At HTH Communications, we understand that our technical repair expertise has a key role in helping to protect or even enhance the reputation of your customers. With our handsets repair solutions, you'll have access to highly automated technology and the ability to service various makes and models of handsets. From grading devices to more robust in depth repairs, we are your one source solution.

  • Aftermarket Sales

    Aftermarket Sales

    Aftermarket sales are a strategic way to get the maximum value from your inventory. Having operated in the consumer electronics market for over a decade, we have strong insights and can determine whether your product is fit for aftermarket sales. There are many key factors that determine the best channels to sell products, including, product age, volume, product condition, current supply, and demand, etc.

  • Value Added Services

    Value Added Services

    Relabeling, repackaging, refurbishment, returns avoidance, proactive diagnostic, etc. – whatever you need to get products ready. Value Added Services for Reverse Logistics is one of the most important steps during the entire supply chain process. With grading returned consumer handsets, our quality control measures can ensure your reverse logistics activity is streamlined and agile.

Partner With HTH Purchasing

HTH Communications has great purchasing power and tremendous market intelligence. We are willing and able to offer the best possible price for inventory we know we can distribute and we will assume the risk or share it with you.

We re-package, recondition, repair, rebuild, remanufacture, recycle, and redistribute all equipment responsibly and securely, following the highest level of industry standards, and we are known around the globe for doing the right thing, always. Our many certifications speak for themselves.

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