Sustainable Solutions
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At HTH, we believe that sustainability is ensuring that our customers achieve their business goals year after year. We believe that sustainability means investing in our employees and creating a culture of success.


Houston, Texas. No where else.

Our belief is that the most efficient way to manage our business and maintain the quality our customers have come to rely on, is to do so under one roof. Any device we sell has been triaged, refurbished and kitted in our facility. Any call centers we manage as part of our MVNE offering are located in our facility. And all of the information managed on behalf of our customers is located on a single, secure server located in our facility. Single source solutions in a single facility.

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Sustainable Solutions
Strength in Numbers

Numbers can often times tell a more powerful story than words. The success of our business and our commitment to our customers are best illustrated in these numbers.

  • 12 Years of Positive
  • 125,000-square foot
    State-of-the-art Facility
  • Inventory of 200+
  • Financially Strong
  • 200+ Employees
  • Direct Access to
  • 1.5M Annual Unit
  • 15 Software Engineers


How we do it
Quality and Efficiency
are at the core of our solutions.

In the secondary marketplace, value is derived from high-quality, efficient refurbishing services. HTH knows this and that's why we can deliver maximum returns to our carrier partners. Or why we're a trusted vendor of refurbished handsets to over 50 MVNO's and rural carriers throughout the world.

  • Learn more about the HTH commitment to sustainability.

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Brands consumers demand.

Wireless consumers are savvy and demand brands they trust. That's why our product offering includes the most popular brands, the most sought after products and the most in-demand models in the marketplace today. Have a look.