Giving devices a second life

Repair and Refurbishment

At HTH, our expertise in this area is unsurpassed. We have built a team of skilled repair technicians, software developers and project managers to execute on a workflow that not only helps our customers achieve cost savings, but delivers value back into their supply chain. All services are performed in our 125,000-square-foot state-of-the-art climate controlled facility located in Houston, Texas.

We Don't Compromise on Quality

HTH provides best-in-class repair and refurbishing services, always focusing on quality and efficiency. In doing so, we deliver the highest quality product into the secondary market. Here are some of the ways we achieve this.

Parts Recovery & Reclamation
All Services Performed In-house
OEM New & Refurbished Parts
ISO & R2 Certified
Proprietary Testing Equipment
OEM Certified Facility
How we do it

Process Overview

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Products arrive, are immediately processed with all activity, including receipt information, data wiping verification, environmental disposition and asset values — all flow into a report.


Smartphone repair requires complex tools and solutions. We use our proprietary tools and fixtures to eliminate damage that can happen during the process. In addition, pneumatic fixtures, dynamic hand tools and white-gloved material-handling are all part of our disassembly process.


We practice state-of-the-art assembly techniques with advanced testing standards to ensure quality and efficiency during this process. Our highly trained technicians employ proprietary software checks to ensure the success of the process.

Picture Packs

A picture pack validates that the full repair cycle is complete. We create a picture pack for each device to verify: removal of customer data, functionality of OS with screen grabs of functional screens, LCD and cosmetic condition of device. No device is placed to finished good without a complete picture pack.


Completed devices are placed into finished goods where they are processed to return to end-user, carrier or get entered into our inventory and made available for sale.