Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is more than Recycling.

At HTH, we believe that sustainability is ensuring that our customers achieve their business goals year after year. We believe that sustainability means investing in our employees and creating a culture of success. And, we believe that sustainability means operating our business in accordance with global quality standards designed to ensure the well-being and prosperity of future generations.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Environmental Certifications

HTH maintains certifications and partnerships that demonstrate our commitment to quality and the environment. We work with these organizations on an ongoing basis and continuously improve and evaluate ways to make our business - and yours - sustainable.

Our Commitment to the Wireless Industry

Serving the Entire Ecosystem.

HTH is focused on delivering cost-effective, creative supply chain solutions for Carriers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers and Enterprise Providers. To do so means continual investment and development of our infrastructure that allows us to keep pace with the technological advancements and global expansion of the wireless ecosystem.

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Nationwide Carriers

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Rural and Small Carriers

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MVNO's, ETC's and Lifelines

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Manufacturers & Wholesalers

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Enterprise Providers

Our Commitment to Employees

Meet the Team

HTH was founded in July 2008 by Henry Do. Holding degrees in Economics and Finance, Henry began his career at a private equity firm serving the wireless industry. Having spent years analyzing trends, creating pricing strategies, tracking operational data and developing pro-forma financial projections, he recognized the need for a repair company that was laser focused on quality and efficiency. Nothing affected the bottom line of companies more than those two factors. With that, HTH was formed. Over the past twelve years, HTH has grown in size and scope and it has done so by creating a culture of success for employees. Enabling employees to grow and excel within the company, ensuring employees do their jobs with integrity and attention to detail, and rewarding employees when they achieve their goals are all part of the HTH culture.

Henry Do, Founder and CEO

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